Dàn nan ròn

Fate song of the seals

Music: Emily Doolittle. Words: Rody Gorman
performance time approx 3m 00s
Range S: d' – d'' / A: d' – g'
Complexity: ***

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This piece is the first in the set Dàn nan ròn
The next piece is An ainm an àigh
Dàn nan ròn is sold only in the set Dàn nan ròn, and is not available for sale as an individual piece.
The title song of the suite Dàn nan ròn is a lament."Cha till, cha till MacDodruim - mo mhilleadh!" (McCodrum will never return - I'm ruined!) Two lines of text, each intoned four times during the course of the song, give the names of those who will never be seen again. In contrast, the intervening lines of rhythmic Gaelic vocables are different each time, as if to say that grief invents its own, wordless, forms of expression.

Full audio pronunciation guide by Gaelic singer Wilma Kennedy included.


Cha till, cha till MacCodruim — mo mhilleadh!
Hiodrum hodruim ru bhi o hoireann o ro ho eile
Hiodrum hodruim ru bhi o hoireann o ro ho eile

Na MacAoidh no MacAsgaill achaoidh tuilladh.
Hiodrum hodruim ru bhi o hoireann o ro ho eile
Iò ho i o hò ro bà è ho ba a bà e

lyrics and translation © Rody Gorman 2011 and used with permission.

McCodrum will never return — I’m ruined!
Hiodrum hodruim etc.

Or Mackay or MacAskill ever again either anymore.
Hiodrum hodruim etc.
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