David Johnson
David Johnson (1942 - 2009) was an Edinburgh-based composer, musicologist, music journalist, recorder player, cellist and publisher. He held teaching posts at the University of Edinburgh and the Open University. His composition catalogue comprises some 50 works, ranging from short pieces for amateurs and schoolchildren to substantial works such as 12 Preludes & Fugues for piano (1995) and the opera Thomas the Rhymer (1976). In recent years he had directed the CDs The Art of Robert Burns and More Art of Robert Burns for the American label Scotstown; and had his 1-act opera Sorry, False Alarm premiered by Trinity College of Music in London, and his Concerto da Camera premiered by Napier University in Edinburgh.
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6 equal or mixed voices
2m 00s
“There is no rose of such virtue, as is the rose that bare Jesu”. A late-medieval English text set as an extremely engaging six-part canon with bell-like effects.
Music: David Johnson. Words: Late mediaeval English anon.
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4 equal or mixed voices
1m 30s
Adoration of the Christ child is expressed here in a lovely canon. The text is based on Martin Luther's famous Christmas hymn Vom Himmel Hoch, as translated into Scots by the 16th century Wedderburn brothers.
Music: David Johnson. Words: Martin Luther, trans. the brothers Wedderburn.
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